Belzifer is a passionate music composer from France that makes music with his heart and soul. He writes mostly cinematic, neo-classical, ambient, and emotional music but more recently he's interested in trip-hop & downtempo music, inspired by his favorite artists such as Portishead or Akira Yamaoka.

The young musician has worked with many talented singers from all around the world, such as "Emi Evans" (from the video game series NieR) or more recently, Liset Alea (from the French band "Nouvelle Vague").


"The composer - unquestionably experienced in the orchestral arrangements - allows the instruments to rotate in and out of the spotlight, all the while masterfully maintaining the core spirit of the composition."

                                                             - MusicDancesWhenYousleep.

"This was a beautiful collaboration with someone incredibly sensitive who is deeply connected to his musical universe and was very clear about what he wanted to achieve with my vocals. The music was emotionally charged and you can feel this is all coming from a real place, not just music for music's sake." - Liset Alea